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Land Utilities and Measured Building Services

Over the last 12 years we have undertaken surveys for major Utility companies and consulting engineers.

We have vast experience of different types of site. Each project is assessed to make sure that we employ the best approach to suit our customer’s requirements and budget.

Utility mapping is undertaken using electromagnetic, visual and ground penetrating radar techniques also utilising confined spaces entry if necessary.

We produce and deliver results to the highest standards.

We can detect the position and depth of underground utilities and features such as foundations, voids, tanks and shafts.

Detection and mapping of underground utilities before ground works begin minimises the risk of cutting existing services and the risk of injury to all on site.
It improves project planning and takes away uncertainty reducing project costs and down time.

The knowledge of your site demonstrates your commitment to Health and Safety regulations and the protection of your staff and contractors.

Drainage surveys are especially important to the day to day running of your site. A good survey will detect problems before they become a major issue that could cause flooding or damage to the site infrastructure; we would also advise if your site is environmentally safe. It is increasingly important to protect the surrounding environment from problems that occur on your site.

We can combine a Drainage survey with a CCTV survey. This will help you produce a maintenance regime to will avoid costly repairs in the future.

If you have no records of your site, and are planning major works, we would recommend a topographical survey that will plot the positions of all features (buildings, roads, road markings, kerbs, fences, gates etc) and give ground levels. This can then be used for the base layer of further surveys such as Utilities and Drainage.

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